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Filmmaker . Director .

Photographer - Videographer - Okinawa,Japan


Brian Crawford: Capturing the spirit of the human experience


Light and shadow. Color and transparency. Fluid and solid. Strong and vulnerable. 


Brian Crawford lives and thrives in the vast, rich world between these opposing spaces. Both in his video and in his photographic creations. 


Drawn to explore and celebrate both the yin and the yang of nature and humanity, Brian particularly excels at capturing the power and grace of the human form against breathtaking outdoor vistas. Highlighted and illuminated by natural light and landscapes, his subjects are provided with the space to unveil all the majesty and personality that already exists within them. Brian’s impeccable eye and ever-curious camera take over from there, and magic is made. 


Originally called to work as a videographer in Hollywood, Brian eventually fell in love with the stunning seascapes of Japan's Okinawa, where he now lives and creates a good portion of his work. 


Brian’s work has been featured and exhibited in galleries and magazines alike, and he has become a sought-after international visual artist. Brian lives to co-create colorful and expressionistic art with his subjects, and welcomes any and all inquiries here at his online home.

精神の経験 光と影、色と透過性、流れと形そして強さと弱み






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